Care and Compassion

At Fairlawn, we believe that our church is a family and that families come together to support one another whenever there is a need. For that reason, when there is a need, we maintain "Care Calendars" which have requests, specific to the individual or family in need, where you can sign up to help. This could look like bringing a meal to someone, offering a ride to church or an appointment, visiting someone who is shut in due to illness, offering yard or housework to someone less able, the list goes on and on. If you have a question or concern please contact Linda Boyer

To access the current calendar, please click the button to the left. 
The Calendar ID is: 
The Security Code: 

If you require assistance signing up for something, feel free to contact Linda Boyer or Danelle Harvey. We would be happy to assist you and appreciate your willingness to serve your church family.