Teams are vitally important to Fairlawn. We value working together for the good of all. Working together for the same purpose, we can accomplish more! Our current teams are below. If you desire to be part of one of these teams or you would like to know where you can serve best, please contact the church office and consider taking our online assessments to see where you might fit best.


AV Team

Lights, camera, action. We're responsible for the smooth operation of lights, video and sound for sermon and events. We're the behind the scenes people.


The care team's responsibility is to care for our congregation in many different ways.  We do hospital and home visitations.  We send care cards, sympathy cards, and get well cards.  We also provide flowers for different occasions such as funerals and sickness.  Applications for requests for funds to help with food, fuel, rent, etc. are reviewed by our team. Luncheons and meals are also provided when needed. Our missionis to help and care for our fellow Christians. Please help us care for others by informing us of anyone in need.

Communications Team

Our team currently is working on the many ways that we can communicate as a Church. We have so many wonderful things happening in our church and in our community and we want to make sure that everyone is aware. From our website, calendar and social media to announcement slides, pamphlets and bulletin inserts, we want to reach you wherever you go for information. Our mission is to connect as many people to FCC as possible and in turn, create fully devoted followers of Christ to partner with us. 

Facilities Team

Need something fixed? We're your guys. The facilities team is kept busy both on the grounds (snow removal, mowing, landscaping, upkeep of structures, etc) and within the buildings (through both preventative and regular maintenance). 


Hospitality Team

Coffee anyone? Our hospitality team seeks to ensure that you are treated like family and feel welcomed during your time with us. Whether that is coffee and treats on Sunday morning or a luncheon, they pull it off with style.


Serving on the Kidz Ministries team may mean that you are a helper, a teacher or an assistant. Whatever the case may be, your service will be greatly appreciated by our kids, whether you serve on Sunday mornings at Kidz Church or Nursery, Wednesday nights at Kidz Club or during the summer at one of our Kidz Camps.

Men’s Ministry Team

These men are genuinely reaching out and developing solid friendships with other men in the church in order to encourage and strengthen them for the challenges of life.

Missions Team

The missions team believes that God's glory needs to be known throughout the World. We believe that through prayer and involvement, we can fulfill the Great Commission to reach people for Christ. Our team comes together to care for the needs of Missionaries and to promote active involvement in the World that lies just outside the Church doors and around the globe.     

Student Ministries Team

The student ministries team is intent on walking with students and developing them to be fully devoted to following Jesus in every part of their lives, through mentoring, large group meetings, small groups, missions trips, retreats, community service and fun activities.

Welcome team

Walk into our church and you will be greeted by smiling faces and a friendly hello and handshake! The welcome team is intent on making sure that you feel welcomed and cared for as soon as you walk through the door.


Worship & 
Creative Arts Team

Always with a song on their lips and a vision for creativity, this team strives to bring us into the presence of God each week through music, drama, staging, media and more.

Security Team

Our security team works hard to provide a safe and secure environment for all who come in our doors.

Usher Team

Serving as an usher is a wonderful way to meet new people and serve the body at large. Ushers help with parking needs, help those who need assistance in and out of their vehicles and also with seating. 

Contacting the team leader is the best way to learn more about a team or ministry. Don't know who that is? Fill out the form and we'll put them in touch with you. You can always direct your questions to any of the Staff.